The End of Silicon Valley

If you haven’t read last week’s Vanity Fair article on the institutionalized sexual exploitation going on in tech companies, you should.

This is on top of the realization that social media companies like Facebook are destroying the U.S., and former Facebook executives have been dissociating themselves from the company.

Further, news recently broke of what initially was reported to be an Intel flaw, but turned out to be a bigger industry-wide problem. Behind it was the report that Intel’s CEO dumped every share he legally could during the period when Intel knew of the problem but had not reported it. This may be an optics rather than an insider trading problem, but it does imply a severe lack of confidence in Intel’s future on the part of its own CEO (though it may be just a lack of confidence in the Trump administration).

I think we may be looking at a potentially catastrophic collapse of Silicon Valley. Given that the Valley supports the Democratic party almost exclusively, it doesn’t bode well for the 2018 mid-term election — which, before this, was expected to be a Republican rout. Individually, each of these events is bad. Collectively, they are catastrophic.

I’ll share some thoughts on that this week and close with my product of the week: an interesting way to keep your outdoor spa both warm and accessible during the winter months.


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