GeckoLinux: A Polished Distro Just Got Smoother

GeckoLinux offers both seasoned users and new distro adopters an easy way to try an openSuse-based spin that is loaded with features and an ample inventory of the leading Linux desktops.

The developer released a major update of GeckoLinux earlier this week. I enjoyed testing the beta version last fall, and I was even more pleased with the added embellishments packed into this final version.

Among the attractions of GeckoLinux are its innovations within the openSuse community. These include non-free packages not found in openSuse’s default repositories.

GeckoLinux has a reputation for polish and out-of-the-box usability. It offers users a better hands-on experience than the more traditional approach taken by the openSuse community.

This latest release, GeckoLinux 423, uses a new build system, called “Kiwi.” The openSuse community last year changed to another system merged build tool, Open Build Service.

That change caused the GeckoLinux developer some delays in releasing this new spin — but the result was worth the wait.

Both Rolling and Static

GeckoLinux spares users from the nagging dilemma of choosing between Linux distros that offer static versus rolling upgrades. It does both. All you have to do is pick the maintenance method you prefer when you download the ISO file.

GeckoLinux rolling editions are based on openSuse Tumbleweed. The rolling editions update fully tested portions of the operating system as they are developed. No need to wait and install an entire new system on a finite release schedule.

The rolling release editions come in eight desktop flavors: Cinnamon, XFCE, Gnome, Plasma, Mate, Budgie, LXQt and Barebones.

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